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Power Poles are small towers or attachments that can be used to extend the range of Power Lines and to transfer power from buildings that produce power to buildings that consume it. Ground Power Poles can be placed on the regular ground but will also snap to foundations. Wall Power Poles are unlocked through the AWESOME Shop and can be placed on walls or to the bottom of foundations.

Higher marks of Power Poles are unlocked in the Caterium Research tree. After a ground Power Pole is researched, the corresponding Wall Power Pole is made available for purchase in the AWESOME Shop.

Each Power Pole can handle an unlimited amount of power passing through it, however, they have a limited number of connections possible based on the mark of the power pole. Power Poles can be linked together with a Power Line for up to 100 meters apart. It is recommended to leave at least one spare connection on each Pole for lines coming from and going to other poles.

Power Poles[]


  • While constructing Power Lines and the 2nd target is not a building, an additional Power Pole will be automatically placed on the cursor's location, as displayed by the hologram.
    • This hologram will convert to a Wall Outlet if the cursor is aimed at either a wall or the bottom/side of a foundation.
  • While constructing Power Poles you can get an additional 1 meter by building a foundation on top of the finished level then place Power Pole, delete top foundation.
  • Power Poles can be upgraded in-place just like Conveyors and Miners.
  • Both sides of Double-Sided Wall Outlets are connected internally. The amount of connections is per side, not in total. However, it is possible to connect both sides with a Power Line, reducing the number of available connections by one on each connector (as it cannot be easily removed, the Wall the Outlet it is attached to has to be dismantled first).


  • Patch Wall attachments can now be placed under and on the side of Foundations (Power/Pipeline/Hyper Tube Wall attachments)
  • Patch Fixed the Hebrew translations on Power Poles
  • Patch Renamed Wall Power Poles to Wall Outlets
  • Patch Crash fixed when connecting a new Power Pole to a circuit that has mismatching IDs in it. The system now handles mismatching IDs more gracefully, this was most likely caused by buildings being removed using a save game editor
  • Patch Introduced new meshes for Power Poles Mk.1, Mk.2, and Mk.3
  • Patch
    • Power Poles can now be upgraded in-place the same way as Conveyor Belts
    • Wall Power Pole costs have been tweaked
  • Patch 0.3:
    • Introduced Wall Power Poles
    • Power Poles placed when building Power Lines now snap to the foundation grid
  • Patch 0.1.8: Now show their correct name in their interaction menu
  • Patch 0.1.6: Fixed outdated descriptions
  • Patch 0.1.5: Increased the maximum amount of connections on Mk.2 (6 → 7) and Mk.3 (8 → 10) Power Poles


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