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Power Shards are special items used for overclocking buildings. Each shard increases the maximum allowed clock speed by 50%. A building can accept a maximum of three shards, which means a maximum running speed of 250%.



Power Shard (1) is unlocked via the Power Slugs Research chain in the MAM MAM using:
Blue Power Slug
Power Shard (2) is unlocked via the Power Slugs Research chain in the MAM MAM using:
Yellow Power Slug
Power Shard (5) is unlocked via the Power Slugs Research chain in the MAM MAM using:
Purple Power Slug
Modular Frame


Power Shard (1)
1 × Blue Power Slug
Blue Power Slug
7.5 / min
8 sec
Manual crafting × 4
1 × Power Shard
Power Shard
7.5 / min
32 MJ/item
Power Slugs Research - Blue Power Slugs
Power Shard (2)
1 × Yellow Power Slug
Yellow Power Slug
5 / min
12 sec
Manual crafting × 6
2 × Power Shard
Power Shard
10 / min
24 MJ/item
Power Slugs Research - Yellow Power Slugs
Power Shard (5)
1 × Purple Power Slug
Purple Power Slug
2.5 / min
24 sec
Manual crafting × 12
5 × Power Shard
Power Shard
12.5 / min
19.2 MJ/item
Power Slugs Research - Purple Power Slugs

Resource acquisition[]

Slug Color Blue Yellow Purple Total
Slug Number 393 209 116 718
Power Shards 391 416 575 1382

There are currently 718 Power Slugs known in-game; 393 blue, 209 yellow, and 116 purple. 1 slug of each type is consumed as part of research in the MAM. In addition, 1 Power Shard is consumed to unlock the overclocking function. The upper limit of obtainable Power Shards is infinite, as Lizard Doggos can generate an infinite amount of slugs over time. The upper limit of non-renewable, usable Power Shards is 1382.

Additional power shards can be randomly obtained as drops from the FICSMAS calendar.

Maximum throughput requirements[]

It is best to use Power Shards to overclock raw resource extractors (Miners, Oil Extractors, and Resource Well Pressurizers) to saturate a conveyor or pipe throughput. The total required Power Shards equals 1,145, leaving 237 of the non-renewable shards.

The minimum number of required Power Shards to maximize throughput is as follows:

Miner Nodes
Node Purity Number of Nodes Number of Shards
Impure 76 228
Normal 185 555
Pure 112 224*
Total 373 1007

*Pure nodes only require 2 Power Shards to achieve 162.5% / 780 items per minute limit

Oil Extractor Nodes
Node Purity Number of Nodes Number of Shards
Impure 10 30
Normal 12 36
Pure 8 24
Total 30 90
Resource Wells
Resource Number of Nodes Number of Shards
Water* 8 24
Other 8 24
Total 16 48

*Water Resource Wells are power inefficient versus Water Extractors, however provide a higher output per Power Shard.


Power Shard Power Shard cannot be sunk into the AWESOME Sink AWESOME Sink and will clog the input.


Power Shards are used solely for overclocking.


  • Overclocking production buildings will always result in greater power consumption than simply creating more buildings, though there are cases for doing so to simplify production numbers, reduce beltwork, or to reduce machine count for space or performance reasons. Overclocking power generators will often cause power production to not be a whole number, making them considerably more difficult to use efficiently.
  • Underclocking a building does not require any power shards.
  • Power Shards are renewable by taming Lizard Doggos, as they have a chance to find new Power Slugs.
  • It is a common misconception that Power Shards "wear out" after a certain period of time: this is probably a result of half-remembered statements from older builds when they could be used as vehicle fuel. The disadvantage of overclocking is increased power consumption (or uneven consumption rate for generators) as mentioned above, not that the shards are temporary.


  • Patch Copy paste now autofills Power Shard slots if available
  • Patch Production times changed to work better with Constructor sounds. Crafting clicks adjusted.
  • Patch 0.1.11: Power Shards can no longer be used as fuel.