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Disambig This article is about the building used to store energy. For the fuel item, see Battery.

The Power Storage is a mid-game building used for buffering electrical energy. Each can store up to 100 MWh, or 100 MW for 1 hour. As it allows 2 power connections, multiple Power Storages can be daisy-chained to store large amounts of energy.


When connected to a power grid that is supplied by generators other than Biomass Burners, it will charge using the excess generated power, up to a rate of 100 MW each. Therefore, it will take at least an hour in real-time to fully charge an empty Power Storage, or longer if the spare power is less than to satisfy all Power Storages on the grid (Power Storages that are not fully charged will split the spare power, reducing their charge rate to the available spare power divided by the number of partially charged Power Storages). Charging Power Storage does not add to the grid power consumption or max consumption figures, nor does it diminish capacity since it will slow or stop charging if there are other demands for the available power.

As long as there is stored charge in the Power Storage and there is a power shortage (consumption exceeding production), all Power Storages will discharge to satisfy the difference, powering up instantly. There is no limit on the discharge rate; it will exactly match the power deficiency. This allows the pioneer to quickly react to restore the power situation, whether to increase power production or to install a Power Switch. Once all the stored energy has been discharged and the power is still insufficient, the power grid will trip.

There are two meters in the Power Storage interface. The left meter is the individual Power Storage charge level. The right meter is the collective charge level of all Power Storage attached to the grid.

Connecting additional Power Storages will not impact the individual charge level of other Power Storages, but will reduce the charge level of the system on the right meter. This will also increase the time remaining until full charge. Power Storages cannot charge each other.

Charge indicator[]

Power Storage lacks an Indicator Light, instead, a charge indicator bar is displayed on the structure, in the power graph and in the Power Storage UI, showing how much energy is stored. It is colored as follows:

  • Blue – Charging
  • Orange – Discharging (the upper part of the building rises and begins to spin)
  • Grey – Idle (either full capacity or there is no power to charge with nor discharge)

The power graph and Power Storage UI displays time to fully charge/discharge at the current power input/drain.

The Power Storage allows the buffering of fluctuating power generation (Geothermal Generators) and consumption (Particle Accelerators and/or a factory not running at peak efficiency).