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Power Switch
Power Switch.png
Can be switched ON/OFF to enable/disable the connection between two Power Grids.
Note the location of the A and B connection.
Unlocked at Caterium Research - Power Switch
Category Power
Subcategory Power Poles
Power Usage 0 MW
Overclockable No
Dimensions (Area 2 m2)
Width 2 m
Length 1 m
Height 3 m
Required items
Steel Beam.png
AI Limiter.png

The Power Switch is a building that can be used to break or connect different power grids, which is useful for controlling power supply to different parts of a factory.



 Power Switch is unlocked via the Caterium Research chain in the MAM.png MAM using:
Steel Beam.png
AI Limiter.png


Connect one Power Line to the connector A on the left (the labels 'A' and 'B' can be seen physically on the switch) and the other at connector B on the right; the power flow is non-directional, but the connection letter determines which graph displays each power grid. The connection is split by default and can be connected by pulling down the lever. The green light at the top left, the displayed words, and the 'chain' icon at the middle indicate the connection is linked. As the switch only acts as a bridge, if there are any other connections joining the grids elsewhere, this switch will not separate them. Essentially, the Power Switch behaves the same as a Power Line.

The Indicator Light on top of the Power Switch currently does not mean anything. It is always white, despite not being related to overclocking.


To name a Power Switch, enable the naming by toggling the button at the top right in the UI. Key in the name and enter. You can use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V in the text box. There is no limitation on the string length, but only the first 20 Characters will be displayed physically. Multiple Power Switches can share the same name without issue.

Power trip[]

Main article: Power#Power trip

If the Power Switch is off and one of the grids has power shortage, one of the following will happen: If the grid has no power production facilities, buildings on that grid will not function and there will be no trip, and will trip otherwise. The other power grid will continue to function as normal.

If the Power Switch is on and a non-tripped grid is linked with a tripped grid, the resultant combined grid will be tripped.



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