Radar Tower

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Radar Tower
Radar Tower.png
Reveals an area around itself on the map. The area is gradually revealed over time up to a maximum.
Placing the tower higher up increases the maximum area revealed.
Unlocked at Quartz Research - Radar Technology
Category Organization
Subcategory Towers
Power Usage 30 MW
Dimensions (Area 100 m2)
Width 10 m
Length 10 m
Height 118 m
Required items
Heavy Modular Frame.png
Crystal Oscillator.png

The Radar Tower is a building which is used solely for revealing a circular area around itself on the Map.

After being powered, it scans the surrounding area every five minutes up to 10 times, increasing in range with each scan. The starting range for its scans are based on the tower's line-of-sight from the tip of the tower to the ground, so placing it at the highest elevation possible for maximum efficiency. Any terrain at an elevation higher than its tip or an area blocked by a terrain feature will not be revealed.

Players should be cautious while climbing the Radar Tower due to its tricky ladders, as falls can be fatal.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Unlocking[edit | edit source]

 Radar Tower is unlocked via the Quartz Research chain in the MAM.png MAM using:
Crystal Oscillator.png
Heavy Modular Frame.png

Usage[edit | edit source]

Coverage[edit | edit source]

  • A radar tower scans in a 3D conical shape, measured from its antenna. Means its range can reach further at ravines or valleys and is reduced for high grounds, even if the high ground is below the radar antenna.
  • The coverage of the radar tower increases with height, so it is always preferred to build it on high ground, such as on top of a rock spire. It can only scan areas that are at a lower elevation than the tower antenna, and in the line-of-sight.
  • Its coverage radius, R (meter), measured on the sea level, based on its building's base height, h (meter), is:

R = 2.86 * h + 920 m where h = -18 m when referenced to the sea level.

Coverage radius, R is capped at 2,120 meters (at sea level) regardless of tower base height, or 4.24 km diameter. As such, at least four Radar towers are needed to fully reveal the entire map. This also implies that placing Radar Towers at y = 420 m is the optimum height and higher above that has no benefit.

Scanning[edit | edit source]

The Radar Tower starts with a coverage of 50%, increasing by 5% per five minutes. So it is finished after 50 minutes and can be dismantled afterward. However, it still consumes power after finishing the scan. To bring power to the height where you want to place the Radar Tower, you can bring a Biomass Burner with 200 Solid Biofuel.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It features a ladder separated into few sections. Using the ladders, engineers can climb up to 76 meters. The remaining height has to be climbed with Jetpack.
  • Both the Radar Tower and the Space Elevator have a collision box height of 118 meters, although the latter has a much taller graphical appearance.
  • It is the only building to feature multiple Indicator Light, counting 3. All of them display the same state at the same time.
  • The Indicator Light which extends out sideways near the tip of the tower is not counted towards the collision box.
  • It has been revealed on stream that the ladder of the tower was made by Jace and was a prototype that made it to the game and will be replaced eventually.[1]
  • The 420 meters high (or 438 meters from sea level) can be achieved by stacking 110 foundations with 4 meter thickness vertically then build the Radar Tower on top of them.

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