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Radiation bar appears on the screen when approaching a radioactive source such as Uranium.

Radiation refers to the effects of radioactive items and objects in the game, which cause damage to the pioneer unless a Hazmat Suit is worn. While Radiation is in effect, the screen will become slightly distorted, Geiger Counter noises will be heard and a radiation level bar will appear in the upper part of the screen.

Radioactive items and objects[]

Currently, there are twelve types of radioactive items in-game, with different amounts of radioactivity (internally referred to as ItemDecay):

Item ItemDecay Stack ItemDecay
Uranium 15 1500
Uranium Pellet (obsolete) 7.5 750
Encased Uranium Cell 0.5 100
Uranium Fuel Rod 50 2500
Uranium Waste 10 5000
Uranium resource node 10000 10000 per node
Uranium resource deposit 15 × Amount of Uranium contained (usually 54~66) About 900 per deposit
Non-fissile Uranium 0.75 375
Plutonium Pellet 20 2000
Encased Plutonium Cell 120 24000
Plutonium Fuel Rod 250 12500
Plutonium Waste 200 100000

Due to it having both the 3rd highest ItemDecay value and a stack size of 500, Plutonium Waste has the highest radioactivity density per inventory slot.

All of the items listed above glow in the dark.

Radiation levels[]

The formula for calculating the radiation level (intensity) is:


  • Amount of items. So 2 stacks of Uranium counted as 200.
  • Distance between the player and the item, in meters
  • 0.0125
  • : Refer to the table above.

Radiation intensity for multiple radioactive sources, such as items in different containers, are summed scalar in 3D. After the summation, the intensity level is then capped between 0.2 (0.44% radiation damage) and 45 (100% radiation damage). A pioneer will not receive any damage below 0.2 intensity. Beyond 45, the radiation damage is capped, which at this intensity, kills the pioneer in 5 seconds or consumes the Iodine Infused Filter at a maximum rate of 1 per 12 seconds. In-between, the filter lasts longer as the radiation level reduces. The radiation bar in the game screen is capped at 26.7% radiation damage.

Items closer than 0.5 meters or in the inventory are counted as x = 0.5 meters

The above formula can be applied to the following situations:

Be careful when hand-mining Uranium ores, as Uranium in the inventory can kill the pioneer quickly,[1] due to the short distance of x = 0.5 meter. Other creatures such as Stingers or Lizard Doggos do not take damage from Radiation.


In Tier 7, a Hazmat Suit can be unlocked via its respective milestone. Having the suit on won't stop the noises, but it will protect the pioneer from Radiation damage. As the suit requires Alclad Aluminum Sheets to craft, it is necessary to complete the Bauxite Refinement milestone first.

Entering any vehicle also stops the pioneer from taking radiation damage.

Neither foundations, walls, terrain, nor water reduce radiation levels by any means.


To get a feeling about how far the radiation goes, here are some examples:

Item Minimum distance without radiation damage
100 Uranium (1 Stack) 22 meters
200 Uranium Cell (1 Stack) 22 meters
50 Uranium Fuel Rods (1 Stack) 29 meters
500 Uranium Waste (1 Stack) 48 meters
2400 Uranium Fuel Rods (1 Industrial Storage Container) 117 meters
2400 Plutonium Fuel Rods (1 Industrial Storage Container) 142 meters
24000 Uranium Waste (1 Industrial Storage Container) 161 meters
96000 Uranium Waste (4 Industrial Storage Containers) 221 meters
384000 Uranium Waste (16 Industrial Storage Containers) 289 meters
1536000 Uranium Waste (64 Industrial Storage Containers) 363 meters
24000 Plutonium Waste (1 Industrial Storage Container) 300 meters
96000 Plutonium Waste (4 Industrial Storage Containers) 376 meters
384000 Plutonium Waste (16 Industrial Storage Containers) 456 meters
1536000 Plutonium Waste (64 Industrial Storage Containers) 539 meters


  • Beware when disposing of radioactive items as it can currently cause a glitch, in which the area acts as if a dropped piece is still there.
  • If keeping one or more Lizard Doggos, keep them in a containment pen with a conveyor system ready to handle the waste, in case one brings you Uranium Waste . Alternatively, kill the Lizard Doggo to delete the waste.
  • An interactive map with a radiation overlay. It allows you to upload a save game and then displays the radiation map.
  • Nuclear waste cannot be disposed of with the trash can in your inventory.

Current issues[]

  • There is a bug where after the pioneer mined some Uranium deposits (which is usually performed to remove their radiation), followed by deleting the Uranium in the inventory, the radiation effect persists and also continuously draining the Iodine Infused Filter. To reset the radiation, drop the Uranium (if any) from the inventory, run well away from it, save the game then reload.
  • When radioactive material is stored in a Storage Container, the container may emit residual radiation after all radioactive materials have been removed. To eliminate this, dismantle the container.