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The Railroad Switch Control is used to decide the path of a manual driven Train on a Railway switch. Its appearance is based on the number of connected tracks.


It is generated automatically on every railway switch that is properly built. It cannot be built separately, dismantled, or moved by any means.

A railway switch is formed by joining two Railways together at the end of a segment. It cannot exist immediately following or preceding a Train Station. Multiple tracks can be connected to the junction, the only limit being building space (therefore, it is possible to make a 15-or-more-way junction).

If the Railroad Switch Control doesn't appear, the track is not connected properly and the switch will not work.

Switching the switch is only doable by hand and it only affects trains with autopilot disabled. Automated trains ignore Railroad Switch Controls and always choose the desired track automatically, even if the switch is switched by another automated train.


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Possible ways Visual appearance
2 Toggle between left and right
3 or 4 The 3rd and 4th toggle state will make the level bar go into the underside.
5 up to N Uses the same graphics as the state (N-4). For example, the 6th state will look like the 2nd state.

Current issues[]

  • There are two major problems with switches which only occur after the switch is built:
    • A single Railway segment can only have a switch on one end, not both, otherwise autopilot paths through the junction incorrectly.
    • A similar problem can be observed with X shaped (n:m) junctions.
  • Having two automated trains come through a switch in short sucession can cause the second train to take the path of the first train.
  • The rod part of the Switch Control does have a hitbox, but it only corresponds to state 1.


  • Patch Fixed “Floor is too steep” appearing when railway switch controls were placed in between foundations
  • Patch The "flag" for Railroad Switch Control better shows the actual position of the switch
  • Patch 0.1.16: Now officially available