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This page contains the early access and closed alpha information for Satisfactory.

Early Access date[]

The Early Access started at 19 March 2019 at GMT 5pm. Anyone who applied for the alpha before the trailer got access to one full weekend before the release to play the game for free. The NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) was also lifted on this weekend allowing freedom to live stream, record, meme, etc.

Closed Alpha[]


The Satisfactory closed alpha began on the 17th of October 2018.[1] 200 keys were released in the first stage of closed alpha.

Alpha keys and Wednesday content are now both on Wednesday, alternating each week. The current rotation is Keys > Content > Keys > Content and so on.[2] At least 400 keys will be released every key day.

  • The next Predicted™ Alpha Key day is: ??? - Jace has announced that the Simon Saga will be ending 04/03/2019. This will be updated after assuming key dates are not changed.
  • The next Wednesday content is: 06/03/2019

Keys have been previously given at or close to 18:00 CET, based on previous alpha waves. If the keys are not sent by this time, there will usually be an update on the Satisfactory Official Discord if there are any issues. Come down and say hello if you have any questions!

A member of the discord server has created an unofficial calendar for Wednesday content as well as Predicted™ Alpha Key days which can be found here

How to enter for a chance to participate in the alpha[]

The alpha is to help Coffee Stain Studios further develop the game, so feedback is crucial. Please consider this if you are selected.

You will need to download the Epic Games Launcher and have an Epic Account to play the Satisfactory Alpha.

  1. Head over to and enter your email address to sign up to the newsletter
  2. You will be sent a Google survey to the email address you signed up with. This must be completed for a chance to be selected for the alpha.
    • Note: Unless you specify on the survey, you will not receive a confirmation email when you complete the survey!
  3. You're done! If you are selected (see above for the schedule), you will be sent an email with instructions on how to get started!
    • Note: You do not need to re-submit the survey after a key day to keep your submission. Signing up once is enough for a chance to be selected.

If you change your hardware after you have submitted the survey, you can re-submit the survey with the same email address to update your WinSAT scores. This will overwrite your previous submission of the survey.

Note: If you are selected to participate, please read your email thoroughly as NDA's (Non-Disclosure Agreements) are in place, any breaches can lead to your access being revoked.

Alpha participant selection process[]

Alpha participant selection is semi-random, people who signed up earlier (for the newsletter, not the surveys) have a higher chance of receiving a key - the exact chances have not been disclosed.

The WinSAT scores are to get a baseline for your computer specifications and are used in the alpha selection process so that Coffee Stain Studios can test the game on a variety of systems. Having a powerful PC does not give you a higher chance than someone with a weaker PC as samples will be taken from all types of systems.

Note: Re-submitting the survey to update your WinSAT scores will not affect your chances of being selected. Alpha applications are also checked for duplicates, so multiple attempts will not result in a higher chance for an alpha key.

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