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Resource Wells are specific locations in the world from which raw fluid resources can be extracted:

A Resource Well Pressurizer Resource Well Pressurizer can be built on the central node to pressurize (or activate) it, which allows Resource Well Extractor Resource Well Extractors to be built on the secondary (satellite) nodes, allowing the fluid to be extracted.

Resource Wells can be scanned using the Resource Scanner. It is not possible to scan for them separately, meaning scanning for Crude Oil points to both resource nodes and Wells.


The purity of a satellite node affects how much fluid can be extracted from it. The Resource Well potential is the sum of how much fluid can be extracted from all satellite nodes in that particular Resource Well. Overclocking the Pressurizer increases this sum and therefore affects all satellite nodes equally, e.g. overclocking it to 200% will cause all Extractors to extract twice as much fluid.

Purity m3/min at 100% m3/min at 250%
Impure 30 75
Normal 60 150
Pure 120 300


Resource Well satellite nodes
Resource Impure Normal Pure Max rate Number of Wells
Nitrogen Gas Nitrogen Gas 2 7 36 12,000 6
Crude Oil Crude Oil 6 3 3 1,800 2
Water Water 7 12 36 13,125 8


  • Extracting Water from Resource Wells is usually less power-efficient than building Water Extractors on a water surface to produce the same amount of Water.
  • For Crude Oil extraction, it is also more efficient to extract using Oil Extractors on Crude Oil nodes, unless all the nodes have been occupied.


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