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This is a table detailing raw resource renewability. A raw resource is any resource that can be obtained from the world without being processed (Crash Site wreckage is not considered).

Of all the items listed below, only Hard Drives, Somersloops, and Mercer Spheres are non-renewable resources.

Resource Limited sources Unlimited sources
Foliage[Note 1] Environment[Note 2] Resource deposit Resource node Environment[Note 2] Tamed Lizard Doggo
Automatable resources
Bauxite Bauxite No No Yes Yes No Yes
Caterium Ore Caterium Ore No Yes Yes Yes
Coal Coal No Yes Yes Yes
Copper Ore Copper Ore No Yes Yes Yes
Crude Oil Crude Oil No No Yes No
Iron Ore Iron Ore No Yes Yes Yes
Limestone Limestone Yes Yes Yes Yes
Raw Quartz Raw Quartz No Yes Yes Yes
SAM Ore SAM Ore No Yes Varies[Note 3] Yes
Sulfur Sulfur No Yes Yes Yes
Silica Silica[Note 4] Yes No No No
Uranium Uranium No Yes Yes Yes
Water Water No No Yes No
Nitrogen Gas Nitrogen Gas No No Yes No
Non-automatable resources
Alien Carapace Alien Carapace No No No No Yes Yes
Alien Organs Alien Organs No No Yes Yes
Bacon Agaric Bacon Agaric No Yes No Yes
Beryl Nut Beryl Nut No No Yes Yes
Flower Petals Flower Petals Yes No No Yes
Hard Drive Hard Drive No Yes No No
Leaves Leaves Yes No No Yes
Mercer Sphere Mercer Sphere No Yes No No
Mycelia Mycelia Yes No No Yes
Paleberry Paleberry No No Yes Yes
Power Slug Power Slug No Yes No Yes
Somersloop Somersloop No Yes No No
Wood Wood Yes No No Yes


  1. Destructible foliage (e.g. trees), possibly with the Chainsaw.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Interactible pieces of the environment, cannot be collected using the Chainsaw.
  3. SAM Resource nodes are intended to be limited, but not all of them actually are.
  4. Can be crafted or obtained as a byproduct.