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About Satisfactory

Satisfactory is a new game from Coffee Stain Studios, the creators of Goat Simulator and the Sanctum series. Satisfactory is a game of factory management and planet exploitation. As an engineer working for FICSIT Inc., you are dropped onto an alien planet with a handful of tools and must harvest the planet's natural resources to construct increasingly complex factories for automating all your resources needs. After you are set up, it will be time to build the Space Elevator and begin Project Assembly, supplying FICSIT with increasingly numerous and complex components for their unknown purposes.

The main focus of the game lies in constructing buildings and linking them together with Conveyor Belts so that your factory can handle the entire process of item construction for you, including mining, transport, delivery, and generating power to keep itself running. More advanced engineers will precisely adjust their buildings' clock speed to maximize efficiency.

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