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Settings are a set of options accessible from the main menu and the in-game Esc menu.

These settings are stored in config files, which can be found in \AppData\Local\FactoryGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor


There are several sub-tabs in the 'Options' tab in the main menu. When in game, 'Manage Session' can be accessed to change session and multiplayer settings.


Setting Options Default Effects
Language 42 languages English (United States) Changes the game language. ADA narrative is not translated, but subtitles are. Translations are community-made
Network Quality Low, Medium, High, Ultra Medium Determines the maximum bandwidth the game can use. See Multiplayer § Temporary lag solution for more details
Head Bobbing 1-10 10 Sets how much the screen shakes when walking
Camera Movement Feedback Strength (%) 0-150 100 Determines the strength of camera effects in Hyper Tubes
Equipment Swapping Scroll Direction Right/Left Left The direction of swapping hand equipment by scrolling. Left means scrolling down will change equipment to the left (decrement).
Autosave Interval (minutes) 0-120 5 Sets the autosave interval, 0 disables autosaves entirely. The amount of autosaves cannot be changed and is always 3
Autosave Notifications On/Off On A notification is shown 10 seconds before each autosave and after the autosave is finished
Send Gameplay Data On/Off On Enables whether in-game diagnosis data will be sent to Coffee Stain Studios
Arachnophobia Mode On/Off Off Turns Stingers (spider-like creatures) to 2D cat sprites to make the game more palatable to those with arachnophobia
Break Notifications On/Off On Unavailable as of a certain Update 3 patch, possibly or If enabled, a break notification would appear every 2 hours in a similar manner to autosave notifications.
Build In One Click On/Off Off When enabled, buildings built with multiple clicks (such as Conveyor Poles) are now built with one click. Instead, holding down Left acts like the first click and letting go as the second
Automatic Clearance Separation On/Off Off When enabled, buildings will be moved if they are built within the clearance of another building
Explicit Pole Tilt by X Axis On/Off Off If enabled, Ctrl will set the vertical rotation instead of horizontal while constructing structures that can be rotated in multiple axes
Disable Seasonal Events On/Off Off Title screen only. Removes seasonal events, such as FICSMAS, from the game
Enable Mouse Smoothing On/Off On Delays cursor movements to make them appear more smooth


Setting Options Default Effects
Master Volume 0-100 100 Sets the volume of the listed audio sources.
Factory Volume, Equipment Volume and Effects Volume can be expanded using a small arrow to the right, where the volume of individual factory buildings, equipment and effects can be adjusted, respectively.
Ambient Volume
Factory Volume
Equipment Volume
Music Volume
Effects Volume
UI Volume
Dialogue Volume
[Experimental] Enable Directional Subtitles On/Off Off Enables directional subtitles for hostile creatures that show their movement, action, and attack sounds (e.g. Flying Crab Hatcher hatching or Hog footsteps)
Misophonia Mode On/Off Off Changes eating sounds to beeps
Reset Reverb Click to activate Resets stuck reverb


Setting Options Default Effects
Resolution Varies by monitor resolution Maximum resolution of the primary monitor Sets the window or fullscreen resolution
Full Screen Fullscreen, Windowed Fullscreen, Windowed Off Sets the game to fullscreen
Graphics API DirectX 11, DirectX 12, Vulkan [Experimental] DirectX 12 The graphics API affects how the game is rendered. DirectX 12 and Vulkan may not be supported on all graphics cards, but might provide better performance when they are
Graphics Preset Low, Medium, High, Ultra, (Custom) Ultra Does nothing alone, simply changes the configuration of other graphics settings.
Texture Quality Low, Medium, High, Ultra Ultra Sets the quality of textures of objects, as well as antisotropic filtering
Shadow Quality Sets the quality of shadows
Post Processing Affects post processing effects, such as motion blur or fog
Anti Aliasing Sets the strength of anti-aliasing. Confusingly, setting it to "Low" disables it entirely
VFX Quality Sets the quality of visual effects, such as machine smoke not going through Foundations on High and Ultra
Foliage Quality Sets the quality of foliage
Light Quality High Sets the quality of Lights
Screenspace Reflections Off, On Simple, On Complex ??? Affects how reflective glass is
View Distance Low, Medium, High, Ultra Ultra Sets how far away from the player will LOD models start appearing
Cloud Quality Affects cloud scalability
Field of View 60-120 90 Sets the field of view
First Person FOV Modifier 0.5-1.5 1 How far equipment and the pioneer's hands appear
Gamma 0-3 (increments of 0.05) 2 Sets the gamma (~brightness) of the game
Max FPS Unlimited, Capped 30, Capped 60, Capped 120, Capped 144, (Custom) ??? Sets the maximum frames per second
VSync On/Off Off Enables vertical synchronization, which prevents tearing
Motion Blur On/Off Off Enables motion blur
Enable LOD Dithering On/Off ??? Enables smoother transitioning between lower-detail models
Enable Contact Shadows On/Off ??? Enables higher quality shadows
Maintain Y-Axis FOV Aspect Ratio On/Off Off Relevant on ultrawide resolutions
Volumetric Clouds On/Off On Enables volumetric (3D) clouds, opposed to a simple 2D texture


Setting Options Default Effects
Mouse Sensitivity 1-10 4 Sets the mouse sensitivity
Invert Look On/Off Off Inverts both the X and Y axis of how the player looks around with the mouse
Hold to sprint On/Off On If enabled, ⇧ Shift has to be held to sprint instead of acting like a toggle
Enable Gamepad Input On/Off ??? Affects whether gamepads can be used to control the game, otherwise, only keyboard and mouse can


Main article: Controls

User Interface[]

Setting Options Default Effects
[Experimental] HUD Scaling 0.2-2 1 Sets the size of HUD elements, does not affect the title screen
Tooltip Scaling 0.2-2 1 Sets the size of on-hover item tooltips in the inventory
Compass and Hotbar Background Opacity 0-1 Off Sets the opacity of the Compass and Hotbar, making them easier to read on lighter backgrounds
Hologram Color Any color #00D4FF The color of valid Build Gun building placement holograms
Dismantle Hologram Color #FF7700 The color of dismantle mode target holograms
Hard Clearance Hologram Color #FF7070 The color of invalid Build Gun building placement holograms
Soft Clearance Hologram Color #FFE100 The color of valid soft clearance Build Gun building placement holograms
High Contrast Build/Dismantle Mode On/Off Off Enables higher contrast with the build and dismantle mode text
Small Cost Slot in Build/Dismantle Mode On/Off Off Makes item cost/return boxes in the center of the screen in build/dismantle mode smaller
Enable Large Inventory Slots On/Off Off Makes inventory slots larger
Use Small Slots for the Game Progression On/Off Off Shows smaller icons when the Game Progresssion is selected to be shown
Use Small Equipment Icons in the HUD On/Off Off Makes the equipment shown in the bottom left of the HUD smaller
Use Small Equipment Info in the HUD On/Off Off Makes the equipment information shown in the bottom left of the HUD smaller
Item Abbreviation On/Off Off Adds text to the top of ores, ingots and select other parts in the inventory to make them more easily to distinguish
Force Big Hand Equipment Icon On/Off Off Overrides the "Use Small Equipment Icons in the HUD" setting for hand equipment, making it always appear big
Force Big Hand Equipment Info On/Off Off Overrides the "Use Small Equipment Info in the HUD" setting for hand equipment, making it always appear big
Show Icon Text in Radial Menus On/Off Off Show text as well as icons in radial menus (such as Resource Scanner or Building Quick Switch E)
Show Current Game Phase in HUD On/Off On Toggles the visability of Space Elevator progression in the HUD
Show Current Milestone in HUD On/Off On Toggles the visability of HUB milestone progression in the HUD
Hide Static Key Shortcuts On/Off Off Hides key hints in the bottom right of the HUD
Hide Dynamic Key Shortcuts On/Off Off Hides key hints under each respective UI, such as the inventory, building configuration menus or while driving

Online (main menu only)[]

Setting Options Default Effects
Log in Epic Account Click to activate Allows the user to log in into an Epic Games Account, should that have not happened upon game startup
Logout Epic Account Click to activate Allows the user to log out of the current Epic Games Account (mutually exclusive with the option above)


Setting Options Default Effects
Enable Quick Language Switching On/Off Off Enables the QuickSwitchLanguage command, switching the language between the currently selected one and the one in the setting below. The command does nothing when executed otherwice
Quick Switch Language All game languages and Localization Debug Mode Localization Debug Mode The language to be used with the QuickSwitchLanguage command. Localization Debug Mode is a special "language" that allows translation strings to be identified more easily

In-game options[]

When in a session you can press Esc and find more settings.

Multiplayer Settings[]

See Multiplayer.

Advanced Game Settings[]


Setting Options Default Effects
Creature Hostility Default Adjust the hostility settings for all creatures in the world.
Default Creatures will attack players on sight.
Passive Creatures will not attack players, or retaliate when attacked by players.
Retaliate Creatures will only attack when attacked by players.

Options not available in-game[]

It's possible to achieve higher visual fidelity than "Ultra quality" by modifying the game settings file directly. The following changes will have a drastic negative impact on your framerate, but will eliminate rocks and foliage magically appearing a few meters away from you. For a more detailed explanation of these settings and pictures, see this old but still relevant post: Force good LOD, Draw distance

Two steps to apply these changes (close the game first):

  1. Open Notepad, then open this file: %LOCALAPPDATA%\FactoryGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Engine.ini
  2. Add (or replace if you've already done this) the following to the bottom of the file then save it:

You've done the change right if your file looks similar to this when you're done: picture of modified Engine.ini