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That’s why you’re sent to that planet. You [have] to build this thing, you construct this giant space elevator and you funnel resources into it in a few stages. You can finish [Satisfactory] and get to the end and press the ‘I Win’ button.
~ Oscar Jilsén

The Space Elevator is a special building used to complete phases of Project Assembly by supplying it with Project Assembly Parts. The first three deliveries unlock two higher Tiers of Milestones, while the fourth one unlocks the 'Employee of the Planet' Cup in the AWESOME Shop.

It is visible from all parts of the world, making it a useful landmark for navigation.


The Space Elevator must be constructed to unlock Tier 3 and above. Only one Space Elevator can be built in a game; however, it can be dismantled and relocated without losing progress at any time.

Project Assembly Parts can be manually supplied from the inventory Tab ↹, or with connected conveyors. Once an item has been loaded into the elevator, it cannot be retrieved.

Once the required items are fully satisfied, use the mouse and drag the handle down, 2 times (Load → Seal → Send). When sent, an animation will play where the cargo platform will be ejected up into space, gliding along the central rail. After a while, it will come back down and dock in its default position.

If the package is sealed, but not sent, and the UI is closed, the handle will have to be re-pulled again (Load → Seal).

In a multiplayer game, the Space Elevator and its progress is shared among all players. The handle in the UI doesn't sync between players.

Project Assembly phases[]

Initial phase requirements[]

Phase Name Cost Delivery unlocks
1 Platform 50 × Smart Plating Smart Plating Tiers 3 and 4
2 Framework 500 × Smart Plating Smart Plating
500 × Versatile Framework Versatile Framework
100 × Automated Wiring Automated Wiring
Tiers 5 and 6
3 Systems 2 500 × Versatile Framework Versatile Framework
500 × Modular Engine Modular Engine
100 × Adaptive Control Unit Adaptive Control Unit
Tiers 7 and 8
4 Propulsion 4 000 × Assembly Director System Assembly Director System
4 000 × Magnetic Field Generator Magnetic Field Generator
1 000 × Nuclear Pasta Nuclear Pasta
1 000 × Thermal Propulsion Rocket Thermal Propulsion Rocket
'Employee of the Planet' Cup 'Employee of the Planet' Cup
in the AWESOME Shop AWESOME Shop

Total number of parts needed[]

Most project parts from later phases also need project parts from earlier phases, e.g. the Modular Engine Modular Engine is needed 500 times in Phase 3 and 2 500 times in Phase 4 (for crafting 1 000 Thermal Propulsion Rocket Thermal Propulsion Rockets). This means that the total number of parts needed in every phase is higher than the initial phase requirements for that part (e.g. 3 000 Modular Engine Modular Engine in total vs. just the 500 for completing Phase 3).

Project Part Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Total
Smart Plating Smart Plating 50 500 1 000 5 000 6 550
Automated Wiring Automated Wiring 0 100 750 60 000 60 850
Versatile Framework Versatile Framework 0 500 2 500 10 000 13 000
Adaptive Control Unit Adaptive Control Unit 0 0 100 8 000 8 100
Modular Engine Modular Engine 0 0 500 2 500 3 000
Assembly Director System Assembly Director System 0 0 0 4 000 4 000
Magnetic Field Generator Magnetic Field Generator 0 0 0 4 000 4 000
Nuclear Pasta Nuclear Pasta 0 0 0 1 000 1 000
Thermal Propulsion Rocket Thermal Propulsion Rocket 0 0 0 1 000 1 000


  • Although it has two terminals in its model, the player can interact with the Space Elevator from any angle.
  • If you are placing a Space Elevator on a foundation platform, you can get centering guidelines by placing observation towers at two cardinal, non-aligned compass points (N/E, N/W, S/E, or S/W, but not N/S or E/W) on your platform, then stand on one of the towers, you will get alignment guidelines to place the center of the elevator in the center of the platform.
  • Due to the high cost of project parts, early-stage pioneers might want to prevent overproducing them, in order to save up on parts that are harder to manufacture. Later on, the project parts can be a good source of AWESOME Sink points.


  • After each delivery, the Space Elevator will ascend to the sky for a few minutes then descend back to the lower level.
  • Only the anchors of the Space Elevator are constructed by the pioneer, which explains its rather cheap price. When built, the anchor grabs the shaft, which is dropped from space.
  • The delivery mechanism of the Space Elevator does have collision maps, so if the player managed to work their way up to the top, they would be able to walk around on it. However, this collision area is very inaccurate, meaning that you won't be walking directly on the platform.
  • Project Assembly itself cannot be seen in-game, but it appears briefly at the end of the E3 trailer.[1]
  • According to Jace, Sofi, and Snutt, there is supposedly a food court at the top of the Space Elevator.[2][3]
  • The elevator's shaft texture is very low-quality above the platform. Below the platform, the shaft has a much higher-quality texture. This part of the elevator has blinking lights that flash in an upward-traveling pattern.
  • It is possible to complete the last phase within 20 hours. In the speedrun community, it is often referred to as 'Npackage% speedrun' where N can be 1, 2, 3 or 4, and '1' is omitted for the first phase.



  • Patch Fixed an occasional crash when inputting items via conveyor belt in certain scenarios
  • Patch Fixed exploit that made it able to obtain multiple upgrades of the Space Elevator at the same time in multiplayer
  • Patch Fixed the last tier of the Space Elevator being unlockable without completing the requirements for it
  • Patch
    • Implemented the fourth delivery
    • Added specific factory building legs
  • Patch Client players can now see the delivery animations
  • Patch Now should show the correct values in cost slots now
  • Patch 0.3: Now requires special Project Assembly parts for deliveries
  • Patch 0.1.15: Now locks after the Tier 7&8 unlock
  • Patch 0.1.14: Implemented the third delivery
  • Patch 0.1:
    • Locked the Phase that opens up Tiers 7 and 8
    • Changed screen textures
    • Added custom build sound and animation sounds
    • Changed Phase names
  • Patch Closed Alpha 5.1: Send-off sequence added
  • Patch Closed Alpha 2: Introduced