Extraction energy

Extraction energy is used to calculate the energy usage of a product in a production chain. For example, being used in Alternate recipe analysis.

To calculate the extraction energy of the particular ore / fluid resource, first achieve the maximum mining / extraction rate on the map, overclock all of the miners and extractors appropriately. The summation of the power consumption is then divided by the extraction rate.

For example, for Iron Ore:

  • The maximum mining rate is 70380 / min or 1173 / sec.
  • There are 33 Impure and 41 Normal Iron nodes on the world, which means 74 Miner Mk.3 to be built on them, each overclocked to 250%, which means 129.96 MW each.
  • There are 46 Pure Iron nodes on the map, which means 46 Miner Mk.3 each overclocked to 162.5%, which means 65.24 MW each.
  • The total power consumption is then 12618.24 MW. Recall that MW means MJ / sec.
  • Dividing 12618.24 MJ / sec by 1173 / sec, we will get:
  • The average extraction energy for Iron Ore is 10.76 MJ.

For most playthroughs, players are unlikely to fully utilize all the resource nodes in the world. For such cases, the upper and lower bounds of extraction energy per ore are:

Miner Clock Speed Impure Node Normal Node Pure Node
Mk.1 100% 10 MJ 5 MJ 2.5 MJ
Mk.1 250% 17.329 MJ 8.664 MJ 4.332 MJ
Mk.2 100% 12 MJ 6 MJ 3 MJ
Mk.2 250% 20.794 MJ 10.397 MJ 5.199 MJ
Mk.3 100% 15 MJ 7.5 MJ 3.75 MJ
Mk.3 162.5% 20.073 MJ 10.036 MJ 5.018 MJ
Mk.3 250% 25.993 MJ 12.996 MJ 6.498 MJ*

Which is between 2.5 MJ and 25.993 MJ for ores. For Crude Oil and Nitrogen Gas the calculation is slightly different as the power consumption of Extractors has to be considered instead.


  • If wish to save energy, use Miner Mk.1. If wish to improve mining rate, use Miner Mk.3.
  • If wish to save energy, do not overclock the Miners. If wish to improve mining rate, overclock to 250 %.
    • Due to the Belt Mk.5 throughput limit, it is pointless to overclock a Miner Mk.3 on pure node beyond 162.5 %.
  • If wish to save energy, prioritize mining pure nodes over impure nodes.
    • Sometimes, pure nodes can be located far away or grouped loosely, while impure nodes can be found in large clusters. In such case, it is advised to mine the impure nodes altogether.
  • For most large scale factories, the power spent on Miners is negligible compared to the processing buildings. As Miners are often the bottleneck of a production line, it is highly recommended to overclock the Miners.