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This template contains the version number of the most recent major update, experimental patch, and early access patch. It can be optionally linked or provide the date instead.


To update the current version, edit the source of this page and in the first few lines you'll see:

| major =
| experimental =
| #default =

Major means the last major update, experimental is the latest experimental branch update, and #default is the last update to the early access branch. Simply change the version number on the appropriate line here.

Below that, you'll also see:

| major = 2021-11-23
| experimental = 2021-12-02
| #default = 2021-12-02

These work the same as the version number, but store the dates instead. These are in the form of yyyy-mm-dd and should use the UTC timezone.


{{Current version}} gives the latest early access update, which is:

{{Current version|experimental}} gives the latest experimental update, which is:

{{Current version|major}} gives the latest major update, which is:


{{Current version}} gives the date of the latest early access update: 2021-12-02

{{Current version|experimental}} gives the date of the latest experimental update, which is: 2021-12-02

{{Current version|major}} gives the date of the latest major update, which is: 2021-11-23


If a second parameter is given any value that equates to true (anything other than 0 or nothing) a link will be provided to the corresponding patch notes page. For major updates, the display text will be Update X instead of a version number. If a third parameter is given, that will be used as display text instead.

For example:
{{Current version|1}} produces:
{{Current version|experimental|1|latest experimental version}} produces: latest experimental version
{{Current version|major|1}} produces: Update 5