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Infobox simple is an all-purpose infobox for building, item, fluid and vehicle pages.



Parameter Type Description
name Page Infobox title, used for cargo; defaults to PAGENAME
displayName Strings Overrides "name", but only for the infobox title (visually)
image Page Defaults to "name".png
description String Infobox description
researchTier Wikitext Tier and milestone, MAM research or other source which unlocks the building
category String Build menu tab (wiki categorization can be disabled with "noCategories")
subCategory String Build menu category
blueprintPath String Blueprint path


Parameter Type Description
noCategories Boolean Disables all categorization if true
noCargo Boolean Disables all cargo storing if true
recipeName String Defaults to PAGENAME, recipe name (eponymous for buildings)
experimental Boolean Whether the recipe is available only in the Experimental branch
unreleased Boolean Whether the recipe is unreleased or otherwise unavailable
alternateRecipe Boolean Whether the recipe is an alternate recipe (rarely used)
mainRecipe Boolean Whether the recipe is the primary recipe (rarely used)
product Page Defaults to PAGENAME, the actual product (rarely used)
productCount Integer Defaults to 1, the actual product count (rarely used)
bioFuel Boolean Whether the fuel is a valid fuel for the Biomass Burner


Parameter Type Description
inventorySize String Building inventory size, in stacks or m3; also appears in the Vehicle section
powerUsage String Power usage in MW
powerGenerated Float Power generated in MW
fuel Wikitext Accepted fuel; also appears in the Vehicle section
overclockable Boolean Whether the building is overclockable
inputs Wikitext Amount of inputs
outputs Wikitext Amount of outputs


Parameter Type Description
maxSpeed Float Important parameter, determines whether the Vehicle or Building group is used for colliding parameters
inventorySize String Vehicle inventory size, in stacks; also appears in the Building section
time0_50 Float Time to reach 50 km/h in seconds
power Float Fuel burn rate
fuel Wikitext Accepted fuel; also appears in the Building section


Parameter Type Description
size_width String Width in meters
size_length String Length in meters
size_height String Height in meters
size_note String Additional size information, such as whether the building is stackable


Parameter Type Description
stackSize Integer Stack size
isRadioactive Integer Radioactive decay value (acquired from Docs.json)


Parameter Type Description
ammo Page Item used as ammo (or as a consumable, such as Gas Filters for the Gas Mask)
magSize String Magazine size per reload
damage String Damage per hit
rateOfFire String Rate of fire
reloadTime String Reload time in seconds
range String Effective range in meters


Parameter Type Description
energy Integer OR "N/A" Energy per item or M3 in MJ


Parameter Type Description
craftedIn Page Building or tool used to craft the product
ingredientX Page Count of the Xth ingredient (X ranges 1–10)
quantityX Float Xth ingredient, ordered the same way as in-game


{{Infobox simple/sandbox
 | description = Crafts two parts into another part.<br/>Can be automated by feeding parts into it with a conveyor belt connected to the input. The produced parts can be automatically extracted by connecting a conveyor belt to the output.
 | category = Production
 | subCategory = Manufacturers
 | researchTier = [[Tier 2]] - Part Assembly
 | powerUsage = 15
 | overclockable = Yes
 | craftedIn = Build Gun
 | inputs = 2
 | outputs = 1
 | quantity1 = 8
 | ingredient1 = Reinforced Iron Plate
 | quantity2 = 4
 | ingredient2 = Rotor
 | quantity3 = 10
 | ingredient3 = Cable
 | size_width = 10
 | size_length = 15
 | size_height = 10