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The HUB, or "Habitat and Utility Base", is the heart of the factory and the first build-able structure in-game. Initially only containing a Craft Bench and the HUB Terminal, it can be upgraded as the pioneer progresses along the Milestones in Tier 0. The completed HUB, in addition, contains two small Biomass Burners, a FICSIT Freighter, and living quarters, also functioning as the pioneers' respawn point. The HUB Terminal, which is the main progression tool, allows pioneers to advance through tiers of Milestones.


The HUB is constructed using HUB Parts HUB Parts, obtained by dismantling the starting Drop-pod. The HUB is then progressively upgraded via the HUB Terminal (see below) throughout Onboarding, unless it's skipped while starting a new game.

Dismantling the HUB returns the HUB Parts required to build it, retaining all upgrades and Milestone progress, including inserted parts; if there are items stored in the HUB's Personal Storage Box, the stored items will be transferred to the pioneer's inventory. This means it can be freely relocated, just like all other player-built structures.

If the HUB Parts are lost, the game becomes soft-locked, as no progress can be made.

Only one HUB can be built, even if the pioneer happens to obtain multiple HUB Parts by any means. Through means such as save editing, multiple HUBs can exist in the world at once and will function identically. The oldest HUB appears to be used when respawning.


Aside from what is listed below, the HUB contains a Craft Bench and a Personal Storage Box, which function identically to their standalone variants.

Respawning and joining a multiplayer game positions pioneers in front of the toilet cubicle within the living quarters. If no HUB is placed, pioneers respawn and join in the starting location picked at the start of the game.

HUB Terminal[]

Main article: Milestones

The HUB Terminal is the place where pioneers select Milestones sorted by tiers and input the materials required to complete the selected Milestone . This can be achieved by shift-click the relevant material in the inventory or drag and drop. There are currently 9 tiers of Milestones to progress through Tier 0 to Tier 8.

At the start, only Tier 0 is available as a part of Onboarding (unless it is skipped). Tier 0's Milestones, named HUB Upgrades, have to be completed in sequential order, unlike all following Tiers. After Tier 0 is finished, Tiers 1 and 2 become available. Further milestones are unlocked by sending deliveries through the Space Elevator.

Attached Biomass Burners[]

Main article: Biomass Burner

At the start, the HUB contains no Biomass Burners. The first one is unlocked at Tier 0 – HUB Upgrade 2, the second at HUB Upgrade 5. If Onboarding is skipped, both Burners are always available.

Each Biomass Burner produces 20 MW of power, which is less than the standalone Biomass Burner, however, they also burn fuel proportionally slower, thus are just as energy-efficient.

FICSIT Freighter[]

The FICSIT Freighter is unlocked at Tier 0: HUB Upgrade 6. During its unlock animation, it descends from space, turns around, then docks at the HUB where it waits to be launched into space upon Milestone completion. It will return to the HUB after a set amount of time which varies by Milestone, with its countdown timer located at the top right of the game screen and in the HUB Terminal.

Crashed FICSIT Freighters can be found scattered across the world, containing Hard Drives.

Living quarters[]

The living quarters are located between the Biomass Burners and the HUB terminal. Inside, the desk by the window named "Operation SCADA-HMI Terminal Desk" can be interacted with to play a FICSIT Productive Packer Deluxe minigame. All the remaining living quarters' amenities are mere decorations (i.e. bunk bed, toilet cubicle, cupboards, pantry).


  • During the Freighter launch, the pioneer can stand on it and be slingshot to a very high altitude, from which the pioneer will be able to see the entire map. Deaths and game crashes have been reported.
  • The Freighter can fly through the Foundations and any other building built above it.
  • After completion of the launch animation, and before descending back to the HUB, it is possible to see the Freighter hovering distantly in the sky. During the day, it appears as a gray speck (see image below). At night, it is visible as a flickering light approximately the size of a star. It is unclear whether this is intentional (as a representation of the Freighter "unloading" its cargo to an orbital FICSIT facility), or simply a graphical glitch. It is also unclear whether this is visible at every graphical setting (initially confirmed on Ultra settings).
    • The Freighter does not appear to despawn while on Milestone cooldown.
  • During the Freighter landing, if the pioneer stands at the Freighter docking position, it is possible to get stuck below the Freighter. To escape, dismantle the HUB.
  • You can target the HUB Terminal, the integrated Personal Storage Box, or the Craft Bench with the dismantle tool. Nothing happens if you actually try to dismantle them.
  • The pre-alpha equivalent of the HUB was called the "Trading Post".[1] The HUB is still referred to as "TradingPost" internally.
  • The model number of the drop ship (5KY-3) is a reference to Skye from the Sanctum franchise.[2]
  • Inside the HUB, there is a computer screen with a phrase that says "See you Space Cowboy", a direct reference to 2000's anime Cowboy Bebop.
  • The toilet has a recruitment poster on its wall. This poster is a reference to "The Cycle", featuring one of the "Korolev" faction.


  • Patch FICSIT Productive Packer Deluxe Mini Game is now always avaiable (previously, it was only available for the duration of FICSMAS 2021)
  • Patch Introduced FICSIT Productive Packer Deluxe minigame to the HUB Operation SCADA-HMI Terminal Desk (undocumented)
  • Patch “Received” is now spelled correctly in the HUB
  • Patch Sub-buildings (like the Train Track on Platforms or the Craft Bench in the HUB) should no longer rotate separately from the main building
  • Patch Fixed some visual issues on the HUB and Drop Ship
  • Patch The HUB is no longer invisible for a short moment when completing the final upgrade
  • Patch Improved visibility of Space Elevator requirements for Tiers in the HUB Menu
  • Patch
    • Mass dismantling the HUB should no longer crash the game
    • Ctrl-click in the HUB should now move all items of one type
    • The HUB interior should have the correct materials again
  • Patch The HUB can now be dismantled without crashing if its sub buildings have been dismantled separately (rebuilding the HUB will recreate the sub-buildings)
  • Patch
    • HUB sub-buildings (like the integrated Biomass Burners) can no longer be dismantled
    • The Drop Ship in the HUB should show up for everyone now
  • Patch
    • Integrated objects such as the HUB Biomass Burners can no longer be copied and built
    • Non-dismantlable objects that have been created by copying integrated HUB objects can now be dismantled
  • Patch Drop Ship on the HUB should no longer be missing
  • Patch 0.3:
    • HUB now properly snaps to other buildings without individual parts like the Terminal ending up in a wrong position
    • Fixed the missing collision behind the ladder of the HUB
    • The MAM was moved out of the HUB and became its own separate building and no longer tied to the HUB in any way.
  • Patch Fixed some minor visual bugs in the HUB UI
  • Patch Fixed players respawning under the world after rebuilding the HUB
  • Patch 0.1.5:
    • Fixed the HUB upgrade effect to be visible for both client and server
    • Fixed so the HUB upgrade effect doesn't trigger when joining as client
    • Fixed the duplicate mesh in the HUB Biomass Burners
    • HUB Parts are now returned to the player on respawn or passed to other players if possible when their death crate is spawned
    • Added power connections to the HUB Biomass Burners
    • Adjusted HUB floor collision so the player can walk onto it without having to jump
  • Patch Closed Alpha 5.1:
    • Fixed the sound bug on the Biomass Burners integrated into the HUB
    • Added smoke to HUB launch button
  • Patch Closed Alpha 5: Changed screen textures on the HUB & Space Elevator
  • Patch Closed Alpha 4.1:
    • Fixed production indicator on HUB Biomass Burner not showing the right colors
    • Fixed client issues with updating the HUB when upgrading it
    • HUB Menu: Changed “Researching…” to “Current Milestones”
    • Updated UVs on HUB monitors
  • Patch Closed Alpha 4:
    • The HUB now costs and yields a single item “HUB Parts”
    • Changed HUB Upgrade icon in the Hub Menu
    • Updated HUB interior materials
    • Moved the power connections of the HUB Biomass Burners
  • Patch Closed Alpha 3: Added collision box in the trading post for the FISCIT Space Ship
  • Patch Closed Alpha 2: Updated SFX for HUB Upgrade & sending the FICSIT Ship.