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Fuel: Any fuel type. 25 slot inventory. Has a built in Craft Bench. Can be automated to pick up and deliver resources at Truck Stations. Nicknamed the Sugarcube by FICSIT pioneers.
Unlocked at Tier 3 - Vehicular Transport
Inventory size 25 Stacks
Category Transportation
Subcategory Motor Vehicles
Power Usage 55 MW
Fuel Leaves, Flower Petals, Wood, Mycelia, Fabric, Alien Carapace, Alien Organs, Color Cartridge, Biomass, Solid Biofuel, Packaged Liquid Biofuel, Coal, Compacted Coal, Petroleum Coke, Packaged Oil, Packaged Heavy Oil Residue, Packaged Fuel, Packaged Turbofuel, Battery, Uranium Fuel Rod
Consumption rate 55 MW
Max speed 55 km/h
0-50 km/h 6.7 s
Required items
Modular Frame.png
It's pretty sweet, y'know.
~ FICSIT pioneers

The Tractor (aka "The Sugar-Cube"[1]) is a small, wheeled vehicle which can be either driven by the pioneer or automated. It is an early game vehicle and the first (off-road) vehicle the pioneer has access to.[2] It has 25 slots of storage space. It is comparatively slow and handles rough terrain poorly.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Fuel consumption[edit | edit source]

Fuel Type Leaves Wood Mycelia Alien Carapace Alien Organs Flower Petals Color Cartridge Fabric Biomass Solid Biofuel Packaged Liquid Biofuel Coal Compacted Coal Petroleum Coke Packaged Fuel Packaged Turbofuel Packaged Heavy Oil Residue Packaged Oil Battery Uranium Fuel Rod
Fuel Value (MJ) 15 100 20 250 250 100 900 15 180 450 750 300 630 180 600 2000 400 320 6000 750000
Burn Time 0.27s 1.82s 0.36s 4.55s 4.55s 1.82s 16.36s 0.27s 3.27s 8.18s 13.64s 5.45s 11.54s 3.27s 10.10s 36.36s 7.27s 5.82s 109.00s (1m 49s) 13636.00s (3h 47m 16s)

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