U-Jelly Landing Pad

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U-Jelly Landing Pad
U-Jelly Landing Pad.png
Generates a speed dampening jelly. Guarantees a soft landing.
Unlocked at Tier 2 - Jump Pads
Category Transportation
Subcategory Jump Pads
Power Usage 5 MW
Dimensions (Area 110 m2)
Width 10 m
Length 11 m
Height 5 m
Required items

The U-Jelly Landing Pad is a building that, when powered, generates a viscous green jelly cylinder that significantly slows movement while immersed. Landing onto the jelly part of the Landing Pad will prevent pioneers from taking fall damage.

U-Jelly Landing Pads can prevent fall damage from any height, even from the 'top' portion of the Space Elevator.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While in the Jelly, the game screen is tinted green and the music tone changes.
  • Pioneers will not suffocate in the jelly.
  • The name is a reference to a meme phrase "U jelly?", meaning "Are you jealous?"

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