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The Valve is a building that attaches to Pipelines. Its primary purpose is to limit the flow rate and prevent backflow.


The Valve has two uses:

  • Limiting how much fluid is allowed to pass through (from 0.0 to 600.0 m3/min, one decimal precision), with a tolerance of about 2% above the user-defined limit
  • Limiting flow in one direction only, thus preventing backflow (just like Pipeline Pumps)

Unlike Pipeline Pumps, Valves don't block the head lift, even when their limit is set to zero m3/min.

The Valve is a pressure sensitive attachment: depending on how full the pipe on it's input side is, it will allow more or less fluid through when its limit is lower than the maximum of the pipe (less than 300 or 600 m³/min). If the pipe is half full, then the maximum flow is around half of the set limit.