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Walkways are the best. They’re attached to the ground and everything.
~ Caterina Parks's assistant Steve

Walkways are navigational structures used to make safe and easy paths for the pioneer to get around their factory. They are relatively cheap compared to Foundations, however, for bridge structures involving logistic buildings such as Belts, Pipelines or Rails then Foundations and Ramps are recommended.


Walkways can be unlocked by purchasing them in the 'AWESOME Shop - Organisation - Walkways' with Coupons.


  • Power Poles and Conveyor Poles cannot be built on Walkways unless a Foundation is built in the same tile as the walkway. However, if a Power Line or Belt is started from an existing structure, they can be placed on Walkways, including on the railings.
  • On each side of a Foundation there are 3 points for Walkways to attach. A Walkway cannot be snapped to the center of the Foundation.
  • Foundations can also be snapped to walkways, with three attachment points. This can be useful move a foundation across in 2m increments.
  • Walkway Ramps can be used to easily build downwards without taking the risk of fall damage.
  • A Power Pole can fit inside the hole formed by 4 Walkway Crossings bordering each other
  • Walkways are 4m x 4m. Ramps go up/down by 2m.
  • Despite their visual appearances, the encroachment box for walkways is very thin, it is almost 0 meters in height.



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