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The Zipline is an early-game hand piece of equipment that can be used for navigating along Power Lines. Despite statements in pre-release teasers, it is not necessary for the Power Line to be powered, meaning it can be effectively used for exploration or crossing gaps.


The Zipline tool is the first item in the game not to be "official FICSIT-sanctioned equipment",[1] having been jury-rigged by the Pioneer in their off time from existing parts & technology such as the "newly-discovered Caterium",[1] and the FICSIT-branded adhesive tape from the Nobelisk.[2]


Zipline Zipline is unlocked via the Caterium Research chain in the MAM MAM using:


1 × Xeno-Zapper
30 × Quickwire
Equipment Workshop
Manual crafting × 10
1 × Zipline
Caterium Research - Zipline
3 × Iron Rod
Iron Rod
10 × Cable



While equipped a Zipline in hand slot, approaching a Power Line, jumping Space and holding Left uses the Zipline to glide along the Power Line. The jump is optional as the Left itself will also cause the pioneer to jump, but the Power Line must be within 2 meter range to do so. A forward motion will be given when attached to the Zipline, regardless if the pioneer is originally stand still. It is not possible to change the direction or reversing while gliding. Releasing Left will let go, and a jump movement will be given automatically, allowing the pioneer to potentially hop onto subsequent ziplines. It is possible to jump manually while gliding. As long as the Left is held while the pioneer fall through the Power Line, the gliding can be resumed.

If multiple Power Lines are near that the intermediate Power Poles are blocking the straight-line movement, use directional keys AD to move around the pole when receiving the jump movement from the Zipline.

Zipping on a Power Line connecting two power connections that are level is just as fast as running with Blade Runners, 13.5 m/s. Zipping down a diagonal Power Line will speed up travel and vice versa, zipping up will slow down (almost vertical Power Lines are ~5 m/s). It is not possible to zip along vertical Power Lines. Travelling below an overhang Power Line, such as installed below foundations (on a ceiling) is possible, however a jump motion will not be given after each zip (since the ceiling above is blocking), making chained zips impossible.

Sprinting while zipping speeds up the movement, but the effect is only noticeable on longer, chained power lines.


Zipline isn't used to craft anything.


Zipline Zipline can be sunk into the AWESOME Sink AWESOME Sink to yield 5 284 points.


  • If a Power Line is edited using a save editor to make it longer than the in-game maximum of 100 meters, the Zipline is still usable along its entire length. Up to 500 meters have been tested.[citation needed]
  • The zipline does not allow traverse through a power pole, but auto-traversal through wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted power connectors works.[citation needed]
  • Ziplines were prototyped by Stefan Hanna, CEO of Coffee Stain Studios.[3]
  • While active, the Zipline produces an electric hum. This hum decreases in pitch while going up a steep Power Line, depending on how steep it is. However, this hum does not increase in pitch while going down a steep Power Line. [4]


  • Patch Added sprint function
  • Patch Fixed the Zipline issues introduced in the last patch
  • Patch
    • Reworked correction velocity for the Zipline which should fix players getting launched in the air when using it
    • Zipline now conserves velocity when you start ziplining
  • Patch
    • Fixed rare crash which could happen when using the Zipline
    • Fixed an extremely rare crash which could happen when trying to drop from a Zipline by crouching
    • Increased Zipline speed and decreased speed reduction when zipping downwards
  • Patch Introduced